About us

Who we are

Solzorro’s Managed IT Support Services are based in Provo, Utah, with customers from the East to West Coast.

Our Background

Solzorro was founded in 2011 with the key value in mind – looking after our customers. This is our number one value and impacts every decision we make as a business.  

Our unique approach to IT – prioritizing customer service – has quickly seen us become one of the top IT companies in Utah. We focus on forming long-term relationships with our clients, and not a quick buck.

Industry Focus

Customers are more than friends

We know that IT isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, which is why we try and provide the best experience possible for our customers. From fast turnarounds for support requests, to no fixed-term contracts; we believe our exceptional services earn our customer’s loyalty, not a piece of paper.

Solzorro Doesn't Speak Klingon

“Tech Talk” can be confusing, which is why we only hire staff who have great communication AND technical skills. Our team are multifaceted; some are passionate about the outdoors, some are band members, one practices jiu-jitsu… And they are all equally passionate about providing exceptional customer service! You won’t be left befuddled after a consultation with our team, we take the time to communicate clearly and informatively every step of the way.  

Our company culture can beat up your IT provider's company culture!

Our entire philosophy is based around integrity, kindness, and putting our customers first. Every decision and action we make is derived around these values; we always try and do the right by everyone. Our team loves working at Solzorro, and this is reflected with how they treat you, our customers.

If a picture “paints a thousand words,” then our reviews speak a million. See what our loyal customers have to say about us here.

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