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10 Benefits of Using SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based application that many businesses are using to share documents, store important data, and collaborate efficiently throughout their offices. 

On top of having a number of compelling features that have drawn in 80% of Fortune 500 companies (source), SharePoint shares a similar interface with Microsoft 365, and will work seamlessly with businesses that already utilize Microsoft 365 in their operations. 

10 Benefits of SharePoint 

The biggest and most obvious benefits of SharePoint are its increased efficiency and reduced costs when compared to on-site data storage solutions like physical servers. It also fosters easier collaboration, communication, and teamwork within your organization. No matter who you are or what your business does, SharePoint can help you in more ways than one.  

Here are the key features and advantages of Microsoft SharePoint: 

1. Diverse Functionality

SharePoint serves various purposes, encompassing document sharing, file management, social networking, and business intelligence. Because of its adaptability, it provides value to your business regardless of your specific needs and specifications. 

2. Centralized Management

Effortlessly oversee users, permissions, and content through SharePoint’s centralized administration. This not only economizes time and resources but also safeguards your data. 

3. Tailored Customization

SharePoint is remarkably customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your business’s unique needs. Generate personalized lists, libraries, workflows, and even modify the platform’s appearance to match your branding. 

4. Document Handling and Collaboration

Simplify storing, categorizing, and sharing documents with SharePoint. Create document libraries, manage permissions, and track versions. It also offers collaboration features like check-in/check-out, version history, and comments for team cooperation. 

5. Unified Site Approach

Utilize SharePoint to merge multiple sites into a singular platform. This enhances resource efficiency, management ease, and data security. 

6. Integration with Existing Apps

Seamlessly integrate SharePoint with various Microsoft products such as Office 365, Exchange Server, and Dynamics CRM. This facilitates seamless data exchange between systems and bolsters overall productivity. 

7. Augmented Security

SharePoint comes equipped with robust security measures to safeguard your data. Features include role-based access control, encryption, auditing, and support for two-factor authentication to counter unauthorized access. 

8. User-Friendly Experience and Design Support

SharePoint boasts user-friendliness even for non-technical users. Its drag-and-drop interface simplifies content creation and management. Additionally, a variety of design templates empower you to craft a distinctive appearance for your site. 

9. Content Management

With SharePoint, managing and publishing content is effortless. Create, edit, and publish documents, images, and videos across diverse channels such as your website, social media, and intranet. 

10. Streamlined Business Processes

Utilize SharePoint to automate business processes like approvals, workflows, and reporting. This optimization saves valuable time and resources, enhancing overall business efficiency. 

SharePoint is a powerful tool that you should at least consider using in your office. To receive helpful consultation and find out more about how SharePoint can help meet your business needs, reach out to our Solzorro team today.  

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Reach out to Solzorro today to see how SharePoint can help your business.

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