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5 Reasons to Backup Your Data

The rapid escalation of cyberattacks in recent years has convincingly shown the importance of data security measures. Further proving this concern is the alarming statistic that an average of 2,200 cyberattacks attempt to compromise corporate data every single day (source). In light of these threats, Solzorro’s IT services stand as a strong solution to defend your data from malicious attacks. We also help stop other unforeseen disasters that have the potential to bring your operations to a halt.

Effective data security involves backing up your data to ensure that nothing is lost and that you can return to normal operations swiftly after a crisis.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to reliably backup your data

1. Reduction of Downtime

If your data is securely backed up it greatly reduces downtime caused by a cyber-attack, computer crash, or other crisis. Without this important measure, a disaster could completely stop regular work in your office and cause irreversible damage to your daily operations.

2. Preserving Reputation

Oftentimes, the data you use involves your clients’ personal information that they want protected. Trust takes years to build, but can be broken in seconds. From the perspective of your customers, one data breach could be enough reason to leave your company and move to another. To avoid harming your important relationships with your clients, make sure that you are taking proactive steps to back up their data.

3. Navigating Compliance and Security

Depending on the industry in which you do business, there may be strict data security laws and regulations meant to ensure that your customers are protected. Failure to properly backup and protect this data could lead to legal consequences in addition to the financial and social consequences that you may already face.

4. Physical Threats to Your Office

On top of cyber threats, physical threats such as natural disasters or damage to your building can be catastrophic. While it is unlikely that an office flood, power surge, or other physical problem that damages equipment results in the loss of data, the size of the damages these problems can cause makes it clear that you need to have your data stored in a way that keeps it safe even under unusual circumstances.

5. Financial Implications

The financial depth of a data breach extends far beyond immediate costs. Fines, legal fees, and reparations can cripple a business. Using an effective backup solution now can save you huge amounts of money in the future.

Incorporating these practices into your data management strategy is crucial for fortifying your business’s resilience over the long haul. As the digital landscape evolves and threats grow, effective data backup is one of the first steps to take in making sure that your business stays out in front of potential crises. To discuss data backup solutions and help protect your business, reach out to our Solzorro team today.

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