Helping Clients Increase Business Operability and Productivity - Physical therapy

Helping Clients Increase Business Operability and Productivity


Advanced Foot & Ankle Center is one of the largest clinics in Utah with 10 locations and 12 physicians. They provide complete medical and surgical care for foot and ankle conditions.
Advanced Foot & Ankle Center was looking for a new managed services provider to take over their IT, assist them with remote support, and empower them to operate their business more smoothly. Management knew there was room for improvement, but they only had limited internal capability.


They faced a range of challenges and required assistance with:

  • HIPAA compliance, security, networking, and email
  • A backlog of issues which were causing delays for staff
  • Resolving computer and data accessibility issues that were affecting the business and patients
  • Decreasing wait times for IT support ticket resolution
  • Minimizing risk within the business
  • Improving the operability of the company by streamlining processes and systems.

Their previous IT company’s processes were time and resource intensive, and there were large wait times for ticket resolution, impacting the productivity of staff. Clinic patients were facing longer wait times and delays due to internal IT and process issues.

Advanced Foot & Ankle Center reviewed several proposals and talked to managed service providers. They selected Solzorro due to their customer service and the understanding they showed about challenges faced.


Solzorro took over the IT management of Advanced Foot & Ankle Center. Solzorro improved the local network, implemented a better support solution, established local and online backups, installed system monitoring tools, and cyber security solutions.


In the first few months of taking over, Solzorro:

  • Automated and streamlined systems to improve processes, saving staff time, and increasing their productivity
  • Resolved outstanding IT issues
  • Uncovered server issues and resolved them quickly
  • Implemented a new and improved ticketing system.

Here are some of Advanced Foot & Ankle Center’s data showing time and productivity improvements:

X-ray machine data IT Support calls
Previously staff could only access x-ray machine data from one computer. Now with access from any computer, anytime, they can access the data 120x faster. Advanced Foot & Ankle Center has reduced the calls for IT support by 94% due to the smooth running and integration of the systems.
Password reset Login
Due to the faster, more efficient helpdesk services, password resets are now 4x faster than before. Previously each computer had one standalone log in, but due to the move to individual logins users can now log on 24x faster.

Advanced Foot & Ankle Center has changed the way they do things, including investing in better, more long-lasting solutions that save money in the long run. Having access to monitoring tools and advice from Solzorro, the IT Manager can do his job more efficiently.
Solzorro has also been providing consulting services and ongoing support on improvement areas to assist with the operability of the business and government compliance.
Since the implementation, Solzorro has migrated the email client to a more secure and user-friendly option. This has been rolled out and has been working effectively.

‘Solzorro has allowed our business to operate more smoothly, be compliant with regulations, and have given us peace of mind that everything is taken care of.’

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