Improve Your Meeting Scheduling with Outlook’s “Schedule Poll”

Patrick Lencioni once said, “Most meetings are actually worse than no meeting at all”. Efficiently managing your team’s schedule can be a challenge, especially when you’re stuck in an endless loop of email replies. At Solzorro IT Services, we understand the frustration that comes with scheduling team meetings. That’s why we’re here to introduce you to a hassle-free solution that will streamline your scheduling process and enhance your operational workflow.

Use Microsoft Outlook’s Schedule Poll Feature

Microsoft Outlook offers a powerful tool called Schedule Poll that can help you streamline your meeting scheduling process. Schedule Poll allows you to set the meeting details and then Outlook will review attendees’ calendars, proposing multiple options for the meeting time. This eliminates the need for manual schedule checks and endless email threads.

Here’s how to use Outlook’s Schedule Poll:

1. Click on the “Scheduling poll” option in the Message tab.

Microsoft Outlook Schedule Poll screenshot

2. Outlook will display a list of available times for the meeting.

MS Outlook Schedule Poll finding available schedules.

3. Select the time that works best for everyone and click “Create Poll.”

MS Outlook Schedule Poll - Create Poll

4. Outlook will send an email to all attendees with the proposed meeting times.

MS Outlook Schedule Poll email notification

5. Attendees can then select the time that works best for them and respond to the poll.

MS Outlook Schedule Poll allows you to vote on a time that works for you.

6. Once all attendees have responded, Outlook will create a meeting invite and send it to everyone.

Simplify Your Meeting Request Emails

If you find yourself sending a lot of meeting request emails, you can simplify the process by using Microsoft Outlook’s “Reply with meeting” feature. This feature allows you to convert an email conversation into a meeting request with just a few clicks.

To use “Reply with meeting”:

  1. Open the email conversation that you want to convert into a meeting request.
  2. Click on the “Reply with meeting” button in the top ribbon.
MS Outlook Schedule Poll reply to meeting
  1. Outlook will open a new meeting request window.
  2. Set the meeting details, including the date, time, and location.
MS Outlook Schedule Poll meeting details

By using these tips, you can streamline your meeting scheduling process and save time and frustration.

Microsoft 365 consultant giving phone support

Contact Solzorro IT Services today to learn more about how we can help you improve your meeting management.

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