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Phishing Scams are Evolving; Are You Adapting Your Security?

Phishing attacks are a tool that hackers use to target businesses just like yours, leading to huge financial losses and lasting damage to the reputations of victims. Deloitte reported that over 90% of cyberattacks start with a simple phishing email, making it a very common but very effective threat to your company’s security. With hackers using advanced techniques and technologies, it’s important for you to understand the evolving dangers of phishing and why hiring a trusted partner like Solzorro is crucial for enhancing your cybersecurity defenses.

What Is Phishing?

Phishing is a method of attack used by hackers to trick you and your employees into sharing important information such as passwords or company data. If anyone within your organization doesn’t know to look for potential phishing scams, then you are at risk.

In the past, hackers would send out mass emails to thousands of people, knowing that if even one person fell for it, they could steal a great deal of money. However, with the increase in anti-phishing technology and general awareness of old phishing tricks, hackers have changed their methods to become more deceptive, targeted, and dangerous. Here are some examples of what you need to protect your business against.

Fraudulent Google Ads

Hackers now exploit Google Ads, using artificial intelligence (AI) and the dark web to direct users to malicious websites. By impersonating well-known brands targeted to members of your office, they position their phishing websites at the top of popular search results. Unsuspecting users click on these ads, unknowingly entering a phishing trap where their personal information can be stolen.

Domains Lookalike Attacks

Another rising form of phishing attack is known as “domain lookalike attacks.” Attackers create websites with URLs that are barely different than legitimate sites, using slight variations in spelling or character arrangement to deceive users. Because these websites are nearly identical to the real websites, inattentive employees may unknowingly enter their login information or download malware, putting your business at risk.

Targeting Decision Makers

While in the past, hackers have sent mass emails to phish with a metaphorical “net,” modern phishing techniques include the practice of “spear” phishing. When spear phishing, attackers carefully gather information about their targets to create convincing messages directed specifically to people within your office.

The infamous 2016 attack on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) serves as a prominent example of spear phishing, where hackers posed as Google’s security team to gain unauthorized access. Another form of attack called Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks involve impersonating high-level executives or business partners to deceive employees into transferring funds or sharing confidential information, resulting in devastating financial loss.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Business?

To combat the ever-evolving threat of phishing attacks, businesses must prioritize security awareness and training. Here are some things you can do within your organization to stay safe.

  1. Educate your employees: Your employees will be much more vulnerable to phishing attacks if they are not aware of what to look for. Help them understand how they may be targeted, and follow up regularly to ensure that security stays at the front of their minds.
  2. Fake Phishing Attacks: It is a good practice to simulate phishing attacks to test how well your employees are applying what they are taught in regard to these attacks. Failing a simulation and learning from it is much less painful than falling victim to a real attack.
  3. Multi-layered Security: Use multiple forms of defense such as email filtering, multi-factor authentication, and endpoint protection to mitigate the effectiveness of these attacks.

Here at Solzorro, we stay up to date on changing cyber threats so that you don’t have to. Our professionals will train you, help you test the security of your office, and integrate strong security measures into your business so that you can work safely and securely.

As phishing attacks become increasingly sophisticated, many small and midsized businesses struggle to protect themselves effectively. With our comprehensive managed IT services, you can ensure the security and continuity of your business while focusing on your core operations. Be proactive in securing your business by reaching out to us today.

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