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Top 10 IT Support Companies Salt Lake City

For any business seeking scalable growth within the Salt Lake City area, the choice of technology providers is a crucial one. A significant portion of modern-day business operation revolves around IT, necessitating the need for a dependable IT support partner able to offer the technical expertise and dependability needed to propel your business forward.

To this end, we have compiled a list of our top IT support companies in the Salt Lake City area, able to provide IT support services to a range of business types and sizes.



IT support Salt Lake City

Solzorro simplifies IT support, with a service tailored to meet specific business and technology needs, regardless of size. By offering personalized, on-demand support for both end-user and IT infrastructure, Solzorro reduces the IT burden on businesses, freeing them up to focus on business strategy.

With IT support services ranging from your desktop to the cloud, Solzorro offers businesses end-to-end IT support solutions including onsite and remote support, 24/7 monitoring, virtual CIO, networking support, patching and maintenance, security services, Microsoft 365 support, and more. These services offer businesses the opportunity to increase employee productivity, customer satisfaction while maintaining a stable and predictable service.



IT support Salt Lake City

Executech is an industry leader in managed IT services for businesses, with  20 years of experience providing IT services required by companies to compete in today’s business landscape. Their enterprise-quality IT support services cover a wide range of services including dedicated business support, managed IT support, Azure cloud solutions & applications, cloud backup, cybersecurity, Office 365 & email Hosting, VoIP phone services, firewalls and security, remote IT support, programming & web development, procurement, disaster recovery services, and network cabling.


Protek Support

Protek Support IT Support Salt Lake City

Protek offers IT support services to small and medium-sized businesses. The company operates based on a belief that an effective IT service should be frustration-free. With an experienced technical team, Protek provides businesses with 3 core services: IT support & systems, security & compliance, and IT strategy & cloud services.


Intuitive IT

Intuitive IT Solutions IT support Salt Lake City

Intuitive IT aims to provide secure and reliable IT services which empower local businesses to achieve their company goals. They believe every company has unique IT needs – and they work to provide all the services required to be protected and productive. Intuitive IT offers a range of support solutions: cybersecurity, backup solutions, and technical support services that help IT investments work efficiently while ensuring effective protection.


Galaxy IT

Galaxy IT offers stress-free on and off-site IT support services that monitor, manage, and track all the components of an existing IT infrastructure to ensure optimum performance across all business levels. With a super-responsive team, Galaxy IT offers tailored, outsourced IT support at affordable prices to help businesses maintain their strategic focus.

IT Now

IT Now IT Support Services Salt Lake City

IT Now offers over 20 years of experience in providing IT support for businesses, with a knack for identifying IT challenges and solving them. They provide a range of IT support services such as a fully hosted help desk solution, 24/7 network performance monitoring, security, hardware and software support, Office 365 solutions and more.


Integral IT Services

Integral IT services

Technology is an integral part of a business – this is the ethos on which Integral IT operates. Made up of a group of highly skilled and highly diverse IT specialists, Integral IT are experts in strategic IT planning, problem-solving and keeping business networks running smoothly through an array of support services such as IT administration, maintenance, networking, consultations, implementation and specialty systems.


IT Harbor

IT Harbor IT support services Salt Lake City

Based out of Provo, UT, IT Harbor offers responsive, tailored IT solutions to businesses based in the Salt Lake Counties both remotely, and on-site. They promise a team of experts that can diagnose and fix general IT issues in record time. They also offer 24/7 support services aimed at taking care of most IT burdens such as network management, WPS, and phone systems.


SOS Support

SOS Support IT support services Salt Lake City

Established in 2004, SOS Support prides itself in being able to offer emergency IT support services to larger companies (100 – 250 computers), with a focus on improving employee efficiency and reducing costs. They offer businesses the benefit of a fully managed support service covering the entire IT infrastructure range  – computers, cabling, software, and more. SOS Support offers a speciality in Medical IT requirements with full HIPPA compliance, as well as retail IT support services.



Tektonic IT support services Salt Lake City

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Tektonic prides itself on its ability to offer both onsite and remote IT support solutions to businesses from the planning stage to ongoing management. Their expertise also extends beyond IT support to include disaster management and backup recovery, managed IT services, Office 365, and security.



The technology landscape is rapidly changing and the increased reliance of businesses on IT for the success of daily operations creates a need to collaborate with tested, trusted local IT partners to offer IT support when required. If you are searching for the top IT support companies in Salt Lake City, then hopefully this list offers you some guidance and information on the top relevant services appropriate for your business in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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