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Using Microsoft Forms to improve your business

Businesses thrive on data, regardless of their industry and market. Data from multiple sources informs and provides insights about what customers want, where the market is heading, and how to grow and succeed ahead of your competitors, helping to improve operations, increase sales and reduce costs.

Surveys are among the tools that collect information, feedback, and responses from stakeholders, customers, and employees so that your business can use the information for decision-making. Feedback gathered from surveys can provide unbiased data about what people think of your brand and products as well as provide a baseline for comparison over time.

There are many applications available to create surveys, but they can be complex to set up and use. Microsoft Forms is a user-friendly application that makes it easy to create and share forms, quizzes, or polls in just minutes. Users can easily sync the app with Microsoft 365 applications like Teams and Excel. Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular collaborative platforms that companies are using in the US, as it keeps expanding to allow for businesses to do more. Microsoft Forms is a valuable addition to the platform that often goes unused by companies simply because they don’t realize they have a form-making tool or how to use it to improve their business.

What can Microsoft Forms be used for?

Survey forms can provide your business with valuable feedback and information. They can have different goals, whether it is to know more about your customers’ needs, to generate new leads, or find out how happy your employees are.

Typical ways to use Microsoft Forms include:

Microsoft Forms is simple to set up and use. You can use one of the templates or use the Forms builder to create surveys, polls, or questionnaires from scratch, customize the format, use a pre-built theme, or customize it with your company logo.

Each form created will allow you to view the responses in real-time, see the average length of time to complete your form, and you can read each response. If your business also has an Office 365 subscription, you can utilize analytics to evaluate their responses, and the results can be exported into Excel for further analysis or reporting. There is also the option to take the next step and use Microsoft Forms Pro, (now known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice) which puts all the enhanced features into sharing and analyzing surveys, and can be integrated with the Power Platform to use dynamic data in the questions and emails.

How does using Microsoft Forms improve business?

Microsoft Forms can be used by businesses, institutions, and governments to collect data or share information with their employees and customers, to improve the way they operate, or provide insight into decision making.

Grow your business

Compile all information you need to improve your business to provide insight into what is working and not working. Generating customer surveys that measure your management system’s reflectivity can help ensure that it is effective in meeting the needs of its customers. Polls allow you to get feedback from your team on a certain detail and save time by not having to hold meetings for even minor topics.

Work smarter, not harder

MS Forms has an intelligent system that adapts and generates creative recommendations as you progress. It is helpful when you need a Microsoft Forms template or theme, but it will also suggest question types and options depending on how you use the form. Microsoft Forms includes an estimated response time option so that users are encouraged to complete their responses promptly. Forms has a more detailed intelligence-based addition to analysis called Insights, which provides a clearer interpretation of responses per question.

Increase your reach

Microsoft Forms can be used by non-Microsoft 365 users, giving them access to the variety of features and functionalities provided by Microsoft products. Additionally, these forms can be taken offline as well for use in a private environment or secured sharing with specific individuals.

Evaluate change management

Change management is a process that helps an organization prepare for and implement change. This includes understanding how ready employees are to learn new things, adapting to past changes, and experiencing the shifting company culture. One of the main processes in this approach is assessing readiness levels by using a questionnaire, surveys, or interviews where you ask questions about capacity on learning new tools, previous experiences with being exposed to change initiatives, etc.

Seamless integration

Microsoft Forms and Forms Pro is a part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, which is all the essential programs and apps you will ever need to run your business. Forms integrates seamlessly with other platforms like Microsoft Teams, Flow, Outlook, and more to help you complete your task at hand every day. For example, while on a video conference call on Teams, you can send everyone short polls for specific topics being discussed during the meeting. This helps keep things moving along smoothly as well as keeping an eye out for what people think of certain ideas/points. Forms can be integrated with Microsoft Flow so responses are emailed to your Outlook inbox after each form has been filled out.

Take full advantage of your Microsoft 365 subscription with the addition of Microsoft Forms and drive your business insights further. Talk to the Solzorro Microsoft Consulting experts today and unlock the power of your business data.

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