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What are Managed Services, and how can they help Small Business Owners?

Managed Services is an IT support model that provides comprehensive management, maintenance, monitoring, and security for your IT environment in return for a stable, monthly subscription payment.

With a growing dependence upon technology for companies to deliver goods and services, Managed IT Services has become the gold standard of IT support for businesses that can’t tolerate IT downtime.

In the past, company leaders – like you – relied on these IT support models.

  • The Solo IT Professional Model
    This model is usually used by startups and micro-businesses, relying on one individual to come and “fix stuff when it breaks” or “set up new hardware/software.”
  • The Break-Fix IT Team Model
    There are still thousands of businesses across the country that rely upon calling a team when they experience downtime or a problem. The break-fix model’s problem is that your IT support makes money to help you get back running – instead of keeping you running.
  • The Retainer Model
    The retainer model is outdated. After all, no one wants to pay monthly for an IT team to be on-call “just in case” they have a problem. Business owners want to see the value provided for money spent.
  • The Block Hours Model
    The block hours model is simply a variation on the break-fix model outlined above. The client’s incentive is a discount on hours billed if bought in a block ahead of time.

The Managed Services Model is superior to those mentioned because it delivers “all-you-can-eat” IT support value to clients. It provides proactive maintenance and operational/cybersecurity monitoring for your organization.

Managed Services teams provide clients with predictable, monthly subscription payments that are stable and easy to budget. Instead of paying for repairs during downtime, you pay for continuous, comprehensive IT care with near-zero unplanned downtime.

Your IT Team on YOUR Side

In surveying the prevalent IT support models that we have listed above, you’ll come to a startling conclusion.

Only Managed Services will bet on their IT support team’s ability to KEEP you running instead of wagering that you’ll break and need their services.

Managed IT Services firms are most profitable when they keep their clients’ IT systems running flawlessly. That puts the MSP (Managed Service Provider) on your side!

Why Should You Care About Managed Services?

  • Far Fewer IT Issues
    The focus of MSP teams is proactive management and maintenance; they get ahead of minor issues before they become big problems that negatively impact your bottom line.
  • Peace of Mind
    The 24/7/365 operational and cybersecurity monitoring aspect of the MSP offering, in conjunction with the team’s round-the-clock incident response capability, helps move your focus from potential problems to running your business.
  • Proactive Support
    Working to maintain your IT environment’s health keeps your systems running and enables your employees to be more productive than a break-fix, up/down/upcycle.
  • No Unexpected Bills
    It’s nearly impossible to budget for unexpected IT breakdowns, slowdowns and crashes. MSPs allow you to have predictable IT support costs.
  • Strategic IT Planning
    You want your company to grow, and your IT must grow alongside you as you scale. MSPs provide regular IT/business reviews to ensure your technology can support your growth objectives.
  • An Entire Team of IT Specialists
    While some small companies may be able to limp along with one or two IT professionals for a period, they soon realize that access to a complete team of IT specialists with a range of expertise is a distinct advantage.
  • Vendor Management
    You have better things to do than sit on hold with a software or hardware vendor trying to get assistance. MSPs handle your relationship with third-party IT vendors to give you that 3600 IT management you’re seeking.

The Cost of Managed Services

Because each company (and its IT environment) is different, it’s impossible to put one-size-fits-all pricing on our website. However, we want you to know that when you run the numbers (and we encourage you to do so), you will find Managed Services is price competitive – especially when factoring in the cost of IT downtime other models allow.

Here are some of the variables considered when we put together Managed Services pricing for a client.

  • Number of laptops, computers, and workstations
  • Number of mobile devices – smartphones and tablets
  • Number of employees
  • Onsite, remote, or a combination of the two?
  • Where is the infrastructure? – onsite, cloud, or a combination of the two?
  • Cybersecurity requirements
  • Compliance requirements

There are dozens of factors that go into the calculation of pricing, but in the end, we can deliver a proposal that is attractive and affordable.

Let’s get started! Give us a call or send over an email to begin a no-obligation conversation.

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