IT Transformation Consulting, Utah

Driving results through IT architecture, planning, analysis, diagnostics, and implementation.

Strategic IT Architecture

Enterprise architecture methodology for businesses of every size.

Disaster Management Response & Recovery

Mitigation. Preparedness. Response. Recovery.

Cybersecurity & Compliance

Information Security Analysts to assist you with compliance and governance.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration solutions from cloud migration specialists.


Strategic IT Architecture

Providing Enterprise-level Architecture Methodology to SMBs in Utah

Your business may not be enterprise level, but that doesn’t mean that your IT architecture and methodology shouldn’t function like an enterprise. With Solzorro’s IT Consulting services, we provide your SMB with enterprise architecture methodology you can leverage to streamline your business operations and technology. Watch your business grow and perform like never before with IT architecture and solutions that are designed with your future in mind. 

Disaster Management Response & Recovery

Mitigation. Preparedness. Response. Recovery – IT Consulting that plans every step carefully

Disasters often come out of nowhere, so it is important to have an actionable plan to ensure your organisation retains access to your critical information. Solzorro’s Disaster Management Response and Recovery Consulting services aim to mitigate risks, increase preparedness, quicken proactive response times, and ensure data recovery in the face of a disaster – whether that disaster be natural or cyberthreat based. 


Cybersecurity & Compliance

Compliance and governance are easy with Solzorro’s Information Security Analysts helping you

The safety and security of your critical data is not just important to you – it’s important to your clients and partners as well. But the cybersecurity landscape can be difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to exposing security vulnerabilities and keeping up to date with compliance regulations. Solzorro’s team of Information Security Analysts in Utah can make sure your security systems, practices, and protocols provide the protection your business needs to keep you sensitive data safe from any and all potential threats – both now and in the future. 

Cloud Migrations

Giving you the cloud migration solutions you need from our team of cloud migration specialists

Cloud migration can give your business the operational edge it needs, but without the right strategy, processes, and solutions, it could be a slow and arduous process that seems more hassle than what it’s worth. So let Solzorro’s Cloud Consulting Specialists help! Whether you are wanting to migrate to a public, private, or hybrid cloud, Solzorro’s team of cloud migration specialists can ensure your migration is fast, efficient, and cost-effective from start to finish.

Cloud computing