WI-FI Consulting & Installation Services Utah

Solzorro is the experts in wireless networking. We understand the pros and cons of Wi-Fi technology and will find the best solution to meet your business needs.

Design & Installation

Wireless designs that range from a single site to USA-wide solutions.

Wi-Fi Optimization

Expert grade wireless solutions and troubleshooting services.

Wi-Fi Security

Guide you on your path to a fully secure wireless environment.


Connect sites with reliable network access up to 20 Miles.

Wi-Fi Analytics

Make better business decisions with data-led insights that drive change.

Solzorro’s expert Wi-Fi engineers can design & implement

  • High-Density Wi-Fi – deployed to provide a large number of clients with fast & optimal speeds.
  • Real-time location services (RTLS) – analytics and tracking user trends, including location services and presence.
  • Voice over WI-Fi (VoWIFI) – including phones, bar-code scanners, or Softphone applications like skype and Jabber.

Solzorro’s delivery consultants can assist with:

  • Internal stakeholder information sessions
  • Deployment of hardware & switching configuration
  • Change control
  • Constructing and assisting with UAT (user acceptance testing)
  • Assistance with onboarding of end-users to the wireless LAN
  • User training








Why choose Solzorro as your Wi-Fi consulting partner?


Our proficient understanding of Wi-Fi means we can advise on a wide range of topics that suit your business requirements.


Solzorro has over 10 years of experience delivering Wi-Fi solutions across Utah, ranging from hardware supply to on-site installation and support.


Solzorro provides an extensive portfolio of Wi-Fi products and services, allowing us to consult on a range of Wi-Fi solutions.

Wi-Fi optimization services Utah

Solzorro provides expert-grade wireless solutions and troubleshooting services. We service all of Utah, including Salt Lake City, Park City, St. George Ogden, Provo, Moab, and many international customers.

Solzorro’s Wi-Fi optimization services:

  • Detect interference using a spectrum analyzer
  • Provide additional signal coverage
  • Enterprise-grade wireless network re-design
  • Remount and relocate existing access points
  • Audit network health and provide troubleshooting

Wi-Fi security services

Solzorro assesses your risk and helps you stay a step ahead of tomorrow’s security threats. We protect your organization without impacting your innovation.

Our team focuses on your security risk, so you can focus on growing your business. We can perform security reviews, mitigate risk, ensure your operations are secure and compliant.

Solzorro’s Wi-Fi security services:

  • ​Review your network standards
  • Understand vulnerabilities that could impact or disrupt your business.
  • ​Mitigation and analyze attacks or vulnerabilities
  • Documentation including recommendations and practices
WiFi directional Antenna

Point-to-Point wireless services

Connect two locations using directional antennas with LoS (Line of Sight). Solzorro has 10 years of experience in radio communication links allowing for fast and reliable connections across Utah and other leading cities.

The links installed are redundant to provide 100% uptime and can be monitored remotely with alerts and notifications.

Wireless analytics

The art of mining required information from various sources using machine data. Using multiple techniques, we can provide valuable insights that help you find meaningful data to influence insight-driven business decisions. Solzorro provides custom reporting, which is designed to filter your data your way.
White spots overlaying a city showing WiFi receiving points.