Microsoft Azure Consulting Services in Provo, Utah

Need help with Microsoft Azure? Solzorro is Utah’s leading cloud consultant and support service for Azure. Taking care of cloud migrations, Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS) and Desktop as a service (DaaS).

On-Premises to Azure Migration

Architect and develop new cloud-first solutions

Optimize and reduce your cloud expenditure

Certified Microsoft Engineers

Responsive web design

Design, implement and migrate to your new cloud on Azure

Azure is Microsoft 365’s public cloud computing platform, enabling you to outsource your data center operations. Azure allows your business the ability to take advantage of advanced datacentre technologies, without capital outlay and maintenance of an in-house data centre. 

Solzorro will re-engineer and design your new cloud infrastructure, migrate your systems to Azure, build customized solutions, manage hybrid integrations, plus much more. Our team of experienced cloud engineers and consultants will help your business seamlessly migrate to Azure, without any disruption to your operations.5

Specialized Azure Consulting Services

Advanced cloud technology is accelerating business growth throughout the world, and Solzorro is here to simplify your cloud journey.

Our consultants will collaborate, enabling you with real-time monitoring of cloud infrastructure, predictive analytics, and business application integrations into your new cloud environment.

Design & build SaaS applications

Azure migration

Cloud integration

Application re-engineering

Azure managed services

Azure support desk

Why choose Microsoft Azure?

With on-demand infrastructure and services, your business can scale and adapt to business needs as your demands change. If your organization is creating new solutions or running existing technology, Solzorro’s team of engineers provide you with world-class performance and end-to-end support on Azure.

Only pay for what you use
Azure gives you the flexibility to switch off workloads and reduce costs when not in use.

World-class security
Rely on the knowledge, best practices and security frameworks developed by Microsoft.

No on-premises servers
Save time and remove the need for regular patching and costly hardware upgrades.

Unlimited scalability
When your business rests at night or application demand changes, Azure is ready to grow with you.