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What makes Solzorro awesome?


The bureaucracy that comes with managing a large group of employees leads big companies to being policy driven: our team at Solzorro is client driven. That difference may sound subtle, but in comparing the two service levels, it is a vastly difference experience for you.
Our guiding principle is to do right by our clients. We don’t try and make you fit into our box, we made every effort to adapt to your needs. We don’t put our efforts into how to charge you more, we focus on how can we add value for you.

Why Size Matters

People often make the mistake of hiring their neighbor down the street or their nephew to handle their IT. When your systems are down, can you wait until your nephew finishes class? You need a team of reliable professionals that are dedicated to responding to your IT needs. When it comes to IT there is nobody who knows everything, but Solzorro has more than 50 years combined experience. Our engineers have a robust combined skill set, which allows us to resolve a plethora of issues in a timely manner.
Some providers are too small. Some are too big. We are just right. Solzorro is just the right size to provide the skills and manpower to handle your needs, and still provide you with the personal touch you deserve.
Solzorro was founded on the belief that IT can be done better. It should be less stressful, more reliable, simpler to understand, and just all-around easier for you. We aren’t perfect, but we are the perfect choice to handle your IT.
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The Goldilocks Principle

Solzorro Doesn’t Speak Klingon

IT guys are great, but many lack the ability to communicate effectively. At Solzorro we understand the value of communication. We will talk to you in your language. If you aren’t a geek, we will explain things in a simple manner and communicate with you without being smug. And if you are a geek and want detailed technical explanations in binary, then we are on board with that too.

Say Hello to Solzorro today

Say goodbye to your technological problems tomorrow !​

Managed Service:

We have Full Service IT solutions that are a fixed monthly cost that covers all of your IT needs. Our monthly service plans are a very cost-effective way to maintain maximum uptime with few headaches. We do not require contracts. Our aim is to earn your business day in and day out. We won’t lock you into a plan that doesn’t work for you. This plan provides peace of mind for your IT needs without the hassle of fighting over costs.


If you have minimal IT needs or prefer to pick and choose your services on a month to month basis then an hourly agreement will likely be best for you. You only pay us for the work requested. We are still happy to provide a business needs analysis and make suggestions for your network, but we will not proceed on any project without your approval. Warranties protect your hardware — support services protect your business.

Something in Between:

We have the flexibility to adapt to your needs. We have monitoring packages. Hybrids of Full Service & Hourly. Some of our best clients have in-house IT support and we do overflow work for projects, escalations, and extra hands. Be open with us about what you need and we’ll be clear with you on how we can help.